Saturday, September 10, 2005

Boogie Baby

Nana, Anthony and I attended a baby shower in Carencro, LA today. Margaret's niece was due to have her baby at the end of October, but delivered at the beginning of September instead. She still had her shower (Yay!), so we got to see her open our gifts, and got to see pictures of precious Luke Joseph. For being 8 weeks premature, Luke is doing wonderfully! The only assistance he is receiving is coming in the form of an NG tube (I'm familiar with that!). No vent, no oxygen, not even blow-by! He gained 3 ounces yesterday to bring himself up to 4 pounds 1 ounce. I'm sure he'll be home fairly soon. Please remember to keep baby Luke and his parents, Val and Josh, in your prayers.

One of Margaret's other nieces has a daughter who just entered the third grade. When I say that Elise is smart, I'm underexaggerating. This child is brilliant. And she's also a great kid. Anthony was bored with the present opening, so she took him to another room and played with him. She found out that if you find something that makes music, Anthony will dance. And I'm talking, terrible white boy dancing. But it's SO cute. So, for your viewing pleasure, Anthony dancing (that's Elise in the background):

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Please notice the adorable blue boots I bought him. They're even better in real life.

Love, Laurie


Renee said...

Anthony is too cute! My boy likes to dance to just about anything too. I was singing to him last week (and I have a really bad voice!) and he started dancing. I was thinking 'that boy will dance to a dial tone if he'll dance to my singing!).


Anonymous said...

It looks like Anthony is already quite the charmer and a dancer too!
Go Anthony Go! Dance like there's np tomorrow! E