Sunday, June 05, 2005

One Down, Two to Go!

We attended Dave and Kelly's wedding yesterday! It was a beautiful ceremony, Kelly was a beautiful bride, and Dave was obviously an incredibly happy groom. Plus, I've got a photo of Dave dancing (see below)! I've included a few pictures of the reception and one of Anthony sleeping in the car on the way to the wedding. I love sleeping Anthony pictures!

Anthony started with another cold yesterday. We didn't think it was going to turn into much, but last night he had a coughing fit so bad that he frightened himself. I brought him to bed with us and we snuggled for a little while. He coughed so hard at one time that he actually threw up a little (into my hand; I've now been initiated into that part of motherhood). That frightened him, too, so it took a little longer to settle him down. When we put him back in bed, he slept pretty peacefully. He woke up an hour later than usual, didn't want to play and ate a small breakfast. The rest of the time he just laid on either Mark's or my chest. He's already back down for a nap (about 2 hours ahead of schedule). He's been running a low fever along with this cough/runny nose deal, so we've been giving Tylenol along with the Dimetapp.

Anthony has his monthly lab draw tomorrow. I'm sure the numbers will be normal, but I'm always nervous until I get the results. I'll post again tomorrow if anything of note comes up.

For now, enjoy the pictures!

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I swear that Dave WAS dancing in this picture!
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And because I always love doing Before and After pictures, here's one of our friend Richard with Anthony. In the fist picture, we are at another friend's wedding, and Anthony is just a month and a half old. This was a couple of weeks before we left for Omaha. The second picture is of Richard and Anthony at Dave and Kelly's wedding yesterday.

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Thanks for checking in on us!
Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

Coming up in Anthony-land:
Monday: Labs, and probably a restful day with one of the grandmothers
Tuesday - Friday: Hopefully back to healthy and back to Day Care!

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Colleen said...

Laurie you all look wonderful and Anthony is such a little man. I hope you all had a wonderful time.
I hope Anthony gets feeling better soon.