Monday, June 20, 2005

And it's Back to the Daily Grind...

Everything is almost back to normal in Anthony-land! Mark and I are back to work this morning, and Anthony is spending the day with his Maw Maws. My mom and grandmother picked him up from me this morning at work, and then took him off to do their weekly Wal-Mart run. He loves sitting in the buggy and people watching, so taking him is never a chore.

If all goes well and Anthony's wound stays closed, I'll take him to day care on Wednesday. He'll spend the day with Nana tomorrow, though, since I'm still a little concerned about his incision.

While Anthony was in the hospital his Prograf level began to run a little high. At first we assumed it was because he took his Prograf Saturday night (June 12th) at 7:30 after having not eaten since 2:30 that afternoon. Not eating will cause him to absorb more of the medicine than he normally does. But the level was re-run on Monday after two days of good eating (like normal). The level was up from the previous draw. So we decided (I thought Omaha was on board, I learned today they were not) to lower his Prograf dose from 0.5 mg twice a day to 0.5 mg once a day. After two days at that dose, his level dropped back into the range Omaha would like (it was 3.5 this past Saturday). We've remained at the 0.5 mg once a day dose, and will re-draw labs tomorrow. I'm going to have the full range of labs (CBC, Chemistry panel and Prograf level) drawn since I'm nervous about the liver and how it's reacting to the lower dose (or better, how the immune system is reacting to the lower dose). Is the immune system recognizing the liver as foreign? Is Anthony in danger of rejection? I don't know, and that's why I'm having the full range drawn.

Saturday night Mark and I attended Mark's 10-year high school reunion. While we had a good time, it certainly wasn't worth the money we paid to attend. We surely didn't drink $100 worth of alcohol, and the food wasn't diverse enough or good enough for that amount, either. But Mark did get to visit with his old classmates, and if he's happy then I am. We'll do the same thing next year at my 10-year reunion.

Sunday was spent mainly with Mark's family. We had planned on going to brunch with my family in Lafayette, but the thought of getting in the car for a trip again was just unbearable. I so badly just didn't want to go anywhere. I'm lucky to have such a good family who understands that! I'm sure we'll see the Lafayette bunch soon. And Anthony got to go to the LSU lakes yesterday to feed the ducks. He was mildly impressed. I was fascinated with the little ducklings, though! It was really cute to see the baby ducks following their mamas to the bread. My parents and grandmother stopped by on their way home from Lafayette, so we got to wish my dad a Happy Father's Day, too.

As usual, I have pictures to share:
Chillin' at Nana and Grandpa's
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Giving my sleeping Daddy a good bye kiss:
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Feeding the ducks:
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Thanks for checking in on us! I'll update again tomorrow when I know how Anthony's labs are! I won't have his Prograf level back until at least Wednesday, but at least I'll know how his liver is doing!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony
Coming up in Anthony-land:
Tuesday: a day with Nana
Wednesday: a return to day care? Stay tuned!


Sarah said...

so glad to see that Anthony was able to go home! I wonder why it is always these liver kids that seem to have more non liver related problems than kids that have been healthy all their lives. Maybe it has to do with immunsupresion. Oh well, you have a tough little guy, and he is lucky to have such great parents.

Colleen said...

It is good to hear Anthony is doing better Lets hope the incision heals up.
I attended my 10 year reunion 2 years ago and I had the same thoughts as you it just wasn't worth the money. I did get to see some of the ones I wen't to school with, I must say things havent changed. Keep us updated on Anthony.

Andree said...

Have been checking in and glad that all is going well and that you are home - we will be in Gulf Shores next week, but will be checking in on our return home. Love to all and God Bless You!