Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I'm In Love

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How could you not love a face that precious? And the T-Shirt says, "Kiss Me I'm Irish!"...and he sort of is. In a totally "great-great-great grandparent" sort of way. But, hey! He doesn't need to wear that shirt for me to want to kiss him.

Life is great today. My son learned how to give his mommy a kiss when asked for one.

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Moreena said...

Wow! Laurie! You are really going to town with your new blog. I love it! Your cheerio story was awfully funny. It's going to happen soon that you will not even take note of all the thing you, mommy, are forsaken for because it will be happening *all* the time. However, this also means that you get to appreciate all the more the times that he chooses to come snuggle with you!