Thursday, April 07, 2005

I'm Blue for You; Give me a Cheerio

I took Anthony to his sitter's house today for the first time in a week. And last week he wasn't with her much either. Easter Monday through Wednesday, Mark and I were both down and out with the flu. From Sunday evening until Thursday morning, Anthony spent his days at either Spa Nana (with Mark's mom) or Spa Maw Maw (with my mom). Finally on Thursday morning, Anthony went to the sitter's house. He went back to Spa Nana on Friday since Mark only worked a half day, and then he spent all weekend with Mark and I. On Monday, our sitter was sick so Anthony again rested at Spa Nana. Mark and I made the decision to keep him away from the sitter while we thought she might still be contagious (she also had the flu), so Mark's mom kept Anthony again on Tuesday. Yesterday (finally, we're coming to the end of the prelude to my tale), Mark stayed home with Anthony.

So this morning I took Anthony to his sitter's house. During the drive Anthony was his usual pleasant self. He loves riding in the car, he loves when Mommy sings (really, he does) and he REALLY loves when I reach back to him and tickle his toes. So, we pulled in to the sitter's neighborhood and Anthony got this look of "Uh oh!" on his face. When we got to her house, the whining began. I've NEVER had him do this before (he LOVES his sitter), but I wasn't surprised. He's been so spoiled this past week! When we got in to the house, I put Anthony in the highchair and got his medicine out of the diaper bag. I turned around, and Anthony was holding his breath and turning blue! He was SO MAD that I was leaving him there! I tapped him on his cheeks and he started to cry so hard. It really was funny, but I knew he wouldn't appreciate me laughing at him, so I got ready to hightail it out of there.

Once I was out of his sight, I stood inside the house listening to see if he would calm down. The sitter dumped some Cheerios on his tray and immediately he stopped crying. I was forsaken for some damn Cheerios! Now I must admit that I love the goodness that is Cheerio, too, so I would probably pass over my mother for some of that honey oat yumminess!

Anthony has another round of immunizations tomorrow afternoon. We've got him on a schedule where he'll get shots every other month to catch up on his immunizations. By the time his birthday rolls around in November, he'll be caught up and life will progress normally (ha).

Well, I'll update again soon! Thanks for checking in on us!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

Coming up in Anthony-land:
Friday: morning with the sitter; afternoon with Mommy and Daddy, and off to Dr Patterson!
Saturday & Sunday: hopefully nothing!
Monday and beyond: stay tuned!

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