Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Balloons!!

The Hot Air Balloon Championships are here again! We took Anthony last year, and we went the year before when I was pregnant (HOT)...this year we'll miss it because we will be in Destin. But this morning on the way to Day Care, Anthony and I saw quite a few balloons in the air. As we drove down the street out of our neighborhood, I pointed them out to him. He seemed interested but unsure of what he was looking at. When we turned onto another street, he could see the balloons better and we could see the colors better. He started to clap his hands! I wish we could take him, but there's always next year!

I'm loving that Anthony is starting to get excited about new things, things that are different from his normal every day stuff. I like that I was able to point the balloons out to him, and he knew when I said "Look at the balloons in the sky!" that he knew where to look. Last year he was WAY too young to appreciate anything other than the fact that he was outside. This year I think he would really get into it!

Do you have any neat things like hot air balloon races where you live? Tell me about them!!


Anonymous said...

Here in Michigan we don't even get to see many ballons but maybe if Anthony will blow real hard he can blow them up our way!!!!!! I've seen pictures and it's a beautiful sight. Seeing them all lite up at night must be breath taking. E
p.s. I can't wait till Moday till your secret is revealed!

Heartmom said...

Florida has the normal "sail boat" events... those are alot of fun for the kids (for about the first 10 minutes, because lets face it, a sail boat doesnt go very fast!)

What a great memory you will have with your son!